Who is CADDIS?

Machine Monitoring

Caddis Systems evolved out of necessity. The system’s concept was hatched to become a leading innovator in machine monitoring software and utilization.

We observed a growing need for real-time data monitoring to help businesses collect quality data to increase productivity. The “old” model of machine monitoring is dependent upon human and manual observations, which creates a lag-time in communication and can be inaccurate.

In addition to productivity and efficiency, critical issues need to be addressed in the present, not after the fact. This prompted our investment in creating an affordable, durable, and reliable machine monitoring system.


So, where does the name “Caddis” come from?

The name Caddis was initially inspired by a type of fly that is used in fly fishing. The founder of Caddis, Andy Moore, saw the similarities between how the Caddis fly is attracted to light, similar to how the Caddis device can pull a signal from a stack light, and how its’ wings beating can represent the cycle times of a machine.


It also makes a pretty cool logo that combines nature with manufacturing!  


Contact us for more info or to request a demo! and to learn more about our machine monitoring software!



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