Achieve Work-Life Balance With Caddis’ Machine Monitoring System

We’ve all heard the buzz term “work-life balance”. What is work-life balance, and what does a machine monitoring system have to do with it?

Work Life Balance


Work-life balance means different things to different people and industries. To some, it means having time for family and friends. To others, it means having a flexible work schedule or the ability to work from home. And still, to others, it means not taking work home at night and not checking emails at all hours. It means maintaining boundaries.


The idea of work-life balance is similar to what Caddis can do for machines; taking care of monitoring efficiency and productivity for each machine. Any machine in any industry is eligible for use with our system. Let us show you how!  Most people don’t want to be plugged into their job 24/7, and investment in a machine monitoring system for businesses gives peace of mind; it gives the necessity to be constantly plugged is in the past!


Machine Monitoring System Helps Achieve Work-Life Balance

With the country currently practicing social distancing, having the ability to monitor productivity off-site, is yet another reason investing in a real-time remote monitoring system like Caddis can benefit your business!  Caddis’ System alerts are sent when critical issues arise, which are customized for each customer and business need. No longer does one need to worry about human error, data is continually recorded for historical observation, or can be monitored in real-time too.


Caddis is cloud-based, so having to be on-site to monitor machines and productivity is no longer an issue! Simple and quick alerts are sent, or, just check-in and monitor the machines’ data in real-time. All of this allows for the freedom of work-life balance. For more information on what Caddis machine monitoring system can do for your business, click here and we’ll be in touch! 

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