Preventative Maintenance

Caddis Systems is the perfect system to ensure your business avoids unplanned downtime by using data to address potential problems prior to machine failure. Caddis comes equipped with discrete inputs and a type-k thermocouple port out of the box while the 0-10v analog input allows for a variety of off the shelf sensors to be integrated.


Machine Monitoring

Temperature monitoring allows the user to control process parameters or monitor machine health while analog input is user-configurable. All the data is streamed to the user dashboard for monitoring, and multiple digital outputs allow for visual/audible alarms to be fired.


The system can be set up in minutes:

• Power up device
• Connect device to network
• Provide input signal
• Log into dashboard
• Start monitoring facility


Preventative maintenance is all about being prepared. Caddis has been used in a wide variety of applications to allow businesses to stay running and keep their equipment in excellent working order which decreases capital expenses and increases revenue.


Current Caddis Preventative Maintenance Applications:
• Coolant Pumps
• HVAC Systems
• Packaging Conveyors
• Mining Conveyors
• Boilers
• Compressors
• CNC’s
• Plastic Molding Machines
• Rolling Machines


The cost to integrate Caddis Systems into your company is minimal when compared to the lost revenue due to machine shutdown.

Below is a cost breakdown:
Device Cost: $1,500 per device (one time)
Data Storage & R&D Cost: $200 (per year)


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