Conveyor Monitoring

Caddis Systems is the perfect solution for companies that depend on their conveyors to efficiently run their business. If it’s critical that you know your conveyor speeds to track production as well as track cycles or revolutions then Caddis is a cost-effective solution to putting this data in front of you.

From mining to packaging and numerous other industries that depend on a well maintained and fully utilized conveyor system, Caddis will give you the data you need to be a leader in your field.

All the data is streamed to the user dashboard for monitoring, and multiple digital outputs allow for visual/audible alarms to be fired. When a user-defined threshold is exceeded or machine downtime is detected, the user is immediately notified via text or email in addition to the analog audio and visual alarms.


The system can be set up in minutes:
• Power up the device
• Connect device to network
• Provide input signal
• Log into dashboard
• Start monitoring facility



The cost to integrate Caddis Systems into your company is minimal when compared to the lost revenue due to machine shutdown.


Below is a cost breakdown.

Device Cost: $1,500 per device (One time)
Data Storage & R&D Cost: $200 (per year)
No license fees, no seat fees, no software fees, and free remote support with low-cost on-site support available.


Take advantage of our 2-month trial period offer, and let us show you how we can help your business! 


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