Equipment Utilization Data: How it Benefits You

Also known as asset utilization, equipment utilization measures the use of and performance of the machinery you have on a job site. This is increasingly important information to you because it can assist in improving productivity and bring down the cost of equipment usage or rental due to delays in projects due to poor equipment utilization. There are no two bigger areas of importance to your business – saving time and money.

How can CADDIS Systems help?

Utilization data is provided in the CADDIS Systems interface on the Equipment Detail View. The data showing in the equipment detail view shows all relevant data for a single piece of equipment. You can view the current overall utilization percentage. The data is influenced by the time filter setting on the device.
equipment utilization data

The current overall utilization is shown on top as shown in the image above. The data below that is a breakdown of how that value was calculated. To the left of the slash is a XX.XX h value that represents the number of hours the equipment has run. To the right of the slash is a XX.XX h value which represents the number of hours that equipment was scheduled for use.

The run hours divided by the scheduled hours times 100 (run / scheduled * 100) yields the utilization value. At the bottom of the area is a bar that graphically represents the utilization percentage.

It’s a simple equation that tells you so much. Is your equipment being used the way it was scheduled to be used? Knowing the answer saves you so much. To learn more reach out to the CADDIS Team today and request a free demo of the system.

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