CADDIS Machine Monitoring Applications

Machine Monitoring Systems

CADDIS Systems is not just another machine monitoring system.


CADDIS was initially developed to monitor CNC’s found in machine shops across the globe. Since then CADDIS has been deployed on many other types of machines to monitor not only utilization percentage but also a number of other key metrics that are critical to a company’s success.


Below is a sampling of the type of data that CADDIS is now monitoring for our customers:

• Overall Machine Utilization
• Cycle Count
• Cycle Time
• Excessive Downtimes
• Conveyor Speed
• Fluid Flow
• Fluid Levels
• Fluid Temperature
• Ambient Temperature
• Vibration
• Shift Start and Stop
• Humidity
• Preventative Maintenance tasks and schedule


Below is a sampling of the type of Machines CADDIS is now monitoring for our customers:

• CNC’s
• Robots
• Presses
• Conveyors
• Boilers
• Mills
• Parts Washers
• Permanent Mold Machines
• Pumps
• Compressors
• Spin Blasters
• Tumble Blasters
• 3D Printers
• Core Machines
• Molding Machines
• Dehumidifiers
• Wire Annealing Machines


Let CADDIS provide you with a simple solution for long term success!

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