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What Sets CADDIS Systems Apart?

CADDIS Systems was designed by a team of industry experts with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing. Our goal with our system is to provide you with a solution on how to overcome costly problems related to your business. We combine technology and ease of use with simplicity to provide the perfect tool for machine management. Watch the video above or review the points below and you’ll know why CADDIS Systems is perfect for your business.

Why do you need CADDIS?

CADDIS streamlines your business by:

  • CADDIS is a machine monitoring system that works with your business model to make sure that you achieve the maximum ROI from your equipment.
  • CADDIS provides machine insights, accurate real-time visibility, and preventive maintenance management.
  • CADDIS Systems detects and automatically alerts you to any excessive threshold or maintenance task via text, email, and visible & audible alerts on the production floor.
  • All data is streamed to a cloud-based, online dashboard viewable through any computer or smart device by unlimited users. It requires no software to purchase or download. There are also no licensing fees.
  • CADDIS Systems has been engineered and built to withstand all types of environmental extremes including sand, salt, heat, dust, and more, unlike other monitoring devices.
  • CADDIS can be installed in minutes on any model or vintage of machine. It is scalable from one machine to an entire, global organization.
  • There is no special equipment needed for the install and you won’t need any outside resources for the installation process.
  • Once you install CADDIS your business will be elevated immediately to industry 4.0 once one machine is deployed.

Trust CADDIS just like thousands of other businesses to take your business to the next level. To learn more visit or call 563-551-6418 today to schedule a free demo today!

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