Machine Efficiency: Industrial IoT

It is essential that today’s manufacturers keep up to date with the latest technological advances. Basically, machine efficiency is vital.  Now more than ever, production should be efficient, and any extra machine downtime should not be tolerated.  For instance, if a company is battling unforeseen downtime, this will negatively impact production and assembly. Consequently, the manufacturing process will be obstructed.

Equipment MonitoringConsistently improving machine efficiency and overall capacity should be the goal. Considering preventative machine maintenance and the industrial internet of things model, companies will significantly see improvements in asset utilization and overall production schedules. At CADDIS, our machine monitoring systems highlight underperforming assets so you can spend more time taking action. In fact, CADDIS devices have multiple inputs allowing them to automatically detect machine status and alert you to any excessive threshold.

The Industrial Internet of Things

What is the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and how does this concept benefit machine efficiency? IIoT is an essential part of Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. IIot is considered vital in the manufacturing world. Its concepts guide preventative maintenance, increase machine efficiency and energy management, and help better understand the supply chain process.

Basically, IIot is a method to enhance digital information technology in manufacturing. Its network of sensors collects vital data and in return, this cloud data helps gather valuable insights about manufacturing operations. Simply put, the industrial internet of things connects machines and data management to achieve improvements in productivity and overall efficiency of machine-related roles.machine efficiency

Connecting Assets

Data communications and connecting assets are important to machine productivity. When actionable information is accessible, engineers and workers, alike can identify any issues with machines, the production line, or any larger issues at hand. CADDIS Systems technology improves downtime because of its ability to accurately measure a machine’s capacity. Contact us today for a free demo to learn how we can increase your assets today.


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