The Full Impact of Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The Full Impact of Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

What’s the full impact of increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on your manufacturing operations? In a word, it’s potential. With no further Capex or labor investment, a production floor aligns to achieve its full capability by realizing where inefficiencies exist in the current process and then taking steps to reduce them. 

Fractional improvements lead to measurable differences in machine utilization, use of consumable items, operator time, and ultimately throughput. These efficiency gains go straight to the bottom line – profitability – and improve job satisfaction and customer relationships.

It starts with a simple, but rugged device paired with a robust software system. The two provide a constant stream of data from the shop floor and a common set of metrics to support the many decisions needed for improvement. The data-driven machine monitoring solution from CADDIS Systems provides visibility to machine operators and managers for a single CNC machine, a machining cell, or an entire production floor. 

The cloud-based system is accessed on any number of screens, computers, and mobile devices of the operator’s choosing. That means real-time visibility where and when it’s needed. If something does begin to go outside of tolerance, visual and audible alarms actuate for immediate intervention to prevent issues from becoming larger problems. The result is the continued ability to reduce machine downtime and prevent / predict maintenance to achieve greater efficiency.

At a time when the pursuit of production reliability often means further investment in technology, adding a machine monitoring system is a simple, yet smart method to use available dollars wisely. It also goes a long way to staying true to customer promises for delivery, controlling costs, ensuring quality, and maintaining trust and confidence.

Seeking out and achieving greater efficiency is a key step in establishing better best practices for sustainability. The productivity improvements from machine monitoring go straight to the bottom line, increasing economy through better utilization of both man and machine and contributing to faster ROI

The flip side of efficiencies gained is inefficiencies avoided such as machine downtime, equipment damage, and additional repair. It’s hard to estimate the cost of problems not encountered other than to equate it to productive time lost. 

With an active system such as CADDIS and an engaged workforce, gains in time lead to prosperity and growth. To see it for yourself, book a demo with one of our experts today.

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