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Our team has hands-on experience working in all types of manufacturing, transportation and industrial environments where machine uptime is critical to the success of the business. We recognize problems and are offering our customers solutions to take control, increase profit and avoid costly downtime.

Using Our Experience As Manufacturers To Help Manufacturers

Regardless of industry or application, the fundamentals of manufacturing involve employing people who use machines, equipment, and processes to meet customer demand. The better those things work together, the better the output. As a manufacturer ourselves, we’ve spent more than one hundred years working on and perfecting those principles.

In today’s environment, that also involves the use of technology. To that point, Caddis engineers have designed a machine monitoring solution to encompass the many styles and brands of equipment in use in the industry to maximize machine efficiency and increase output. Our unique shop floor device and production monitoring software provides machine condition monitoring, production efficiency analytics, and even data to support predictive maintenance.

The CADDIS Team:

Andy Moore


With an educational background in physics, engineering, and business, Andy was conditioned to solve problems when they were encountered. Having spent over 15+ years working in manufacturing with roles ranging from plant floor operations to senior leadership, he made a name for himself resolving issues in creative ways that hadn’t been thought of previously. With a focus on simplicity, action, profitability, and data-driven decision making, Andy intends to grow LCM2M into the preeminent machine insight company. Andy enjoys spending time with his three kids, two of which are twins, his wife, and his three dogs. When not working, he spends his time fly fishing, daydreaming about future projects, and searching for old cars to restore.

Chris Moore

Vice President

Chris is a proven leader of large scale projects across the globe. His diversified background in marketing, manufacturing and project management has been recognized with numerous awards including EMMY, WEBBY and ADDY. Chris previously produced high profile projects for National Geographic, Discovery and History Channels that included Shark Men, Shark, Wranglers, United Sharks of America and Kings of Crash.

Kevin Bouwkamp

Software Engineer

Kevin Bouwkamp is a software engineer working out of Grand Rapids, MI. His experience and passion lies in creating interactive, real-time monitoring applications while staying current with the latest technologies available. When not working, Kevin enjoys golf, frisbee, reading and working on an expansive list of side projects.

Jeremy Wright

Software Engineer

Jeremy has been involved in LCM2M since day one, applying his 20+ years of software and hardware development experience in manufacturing. From monitoring systems that collect and analyze millions of data points per hour, to adapting and monitoring machines that are several decades old, Jeremy has learned countless lessons about what customers expect and need in diverse production environments. He has been rolling all of this experience into an LCM2M monitoring solution that adapts to nearly any piece of equipment. Ensuring painless installation and working to enable customers to be more proactive with their operations are two of Jeremy’s current focuses.

Why We Started:


Daily productivity metrics from things like ERP systems turned out to be lag indicators of true machine productivity.


Machine performance was not being captured in labor detail reports.


Real-time global status view of all manufacturing assets not available.

How it works.

Let the Machines Do the Talking – CADDIS has multiple inputs allowing it to automatically detect machine status. Temperature monitoring allows the user to control process parameters or monitor machine health while analog input is user-configurable.

All the data is streamed to the user dashboard for monitoring, and multiple digital outputs allow for visual/audible alarms to be fired.

  • Power up device.

  • Connect device to network.

  • Provide input signal.

  • Log into dashboard.

  • Start monitoring facility.



“The CADDIS device provided LeClaire Manufacturing with a powerful tool to not only increase productivity and revenue but also give us irrefutable data to help us better plan for the future.”

Ralph Zimmerman

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