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CADDIS Machine Monitoring Applications

CADDIS Systems is not just another machine monitoring system.   CADDIS was initially developed to monitor CNC’s found in machine shops across the globe. Since then CADDIS has been deployed on many other types of machines to monitor not only utilization percentage but also a number of other key metrics that are critical to a […]

CADDIS Reporting Capabilities Lead To Increased Profits

eports really only have value if people actually look at them and then act upon the information they have read.   CADDIS reporting is designed to provide actionable data for production meetings, initiatives, and analysis. CADDIS currently has three primary reports available that are aimed at three primary goals. These goals are to enable businesses […]

Christmas with CADDIS 2020

As the holidays approach many companies around the globe are slowing down production or come to a complete halt. Companies also have fewer employees on-site, as many choose to use the final days of their vacation to spend time with family, or travel to exotic places like Bettendorf, Iowa where CADDIS is based!   With […]

How Can CADDIS Machine Monitoring Save Your Company A Lot Of Money? 

      “How can CADDIS Machine Monitoring Save My Company A Lot Of Money”?  My immediate response to a customer when this question comes up is…How can CADDIS NOT save you money? Below are some very defined and proven ways of how integrating CADDIS into your production environment will immediately not only save you […]

Predictive Maintenance In Manufacturing

  According to a report from McKinsey Global Institute on the Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Maintenance can lead to a savings of anywhere from $200 billion to $600 billion for manufacturers by 2025. Yes, this is spread throughout a large number of manufacturers that are producing a wide variety of parts and products, but it […]

CADDIS Announces New Referral Program

Ready to increase your profits? Ready to enter Manufacturing 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing?  Earn $1500 CADDIS CREDIT with our new Referral Program! How It Works: New Customers:  All new qualified* customers receive one free unit ($1,500 value!), for a limited time only. Existing Customers:  For existing customers, or new customers that soon will become existing […]

Why Is Machine Monitoring Important For Your Company to Be Successful

  In the last few years, machine monitoring has gone from “Something Nice To Do” to “Something We Must Do”. The reason behind this transition is simply because succeeding in business has become increasingly competitive due to overseas competition and customers expecting high quality at a lower cost. Luckily, Caddis Systems has developed a cost-effective […]

Air Compressor Monitoring

Machine Efficiency: Air Compressor Monitoring If you are interested in machine efficiency, then air compressor monitoring is for you. Having the capacity to consistently track your machine’s progress is an effective method to monitor machine health and analyze real-time data. In fact, Caddis Systems provides the perfect peace of mind to those businesses that rely […]

Conveyor Monitoring

Caddis Systems is the perfect solution for companies that depend on their conveyors to efficiently run their business. If it’s critical that you know your conveyor speeds to track production as well as track cycles or revolutions then Caddis is a cost-effective solution to putting this data in front of you. From mining to packaging […]

Preventative Maintenance

Caddis Systems is the perfect system to ensure your business avoids unplanned downtime by using data to address potential problems prior to machine failure. Caddis comes equipped with discrete inputs and a type-k thermocouple port out of the box while the 0-10v analog input allows for a variety of off the shelf sensors to be […]