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The Full Impact of Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

What’s the full impact of increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on your manufacturing operations? In a word, it’s potential. With no further Capex or labor investment, a production floor aligns to achieve its full capability by realizing where inefficiencies exist in the current process and then taking steps to reduce them.  Fractional improvements lead to […]

Case Study: Caddis Machine Monitoring Triggers Immediate Intervention to Avoid Massive Repair and Downtime

No Need For A Meltdown Or a ‘freeze up’, as the case would have been for LeClaire Manufacturing – a single-source sand and permanent mold casting and machining company – when a critical furnace failed within its aluminum die casting operations. These workhorse furnaces run almost continuously in foundry operations providing performance, energy savings and […]