Actionable Machine Data Insights, Delivered in Real-Time

Manufacturing Analytics to Help You Make Sense of What’s Happening on the Shop Floor

The visibility gained through CADDIS Machine Monitoring provides a constant data stream for every piece of equipment connected to the device. That information is captured, systematically analyzed, and presented for decision making. Key issues are machine uptime and machine downtime, and there are countless factors for both.

As with all situations, the sum of the small things tends to add up. In today’s production environments, very few of those things are small. Facilities, employees, equipment, and other operating costs are all on a scale to meet the needs of the business and customer demand. Every opportunity for improved efficiency can make the difference between profit and loss.

Caddis Systems machine monitoring has been developed for any production environment to address the need for manufacturing analytics for scaling businesses. This easy-to-use production management software uses an intuitive dashboard connected to the shop floor through a durable network device that provides continuous machine condition monitoring. That information is presented using common data metrics to shed light on potential productivity increases.

Caddis Device and Dashboard

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