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Technology in manufacturing has brought many opportunities for improved productivity from the shop floor. With some of those advancements have also been some communication gaps, which lead to lower performance. Using technology, in this case a rugged relay device and an intuitive dashboard, CADDIS Systems has created a real time solution to monitoring performance from virtually any machine regardless of brand or type. Tied together via a common set of metrics, users can see actual data from a machine, a cell, or an entire facility. With this, and preset criteria, improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), reduced downtime and preventative maintenance are all within reach. 

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For Original Equipment Manufacturers, CADDIS is an ideal solution to include with your sophisticated products. Preventative maintenance is so important to the customer and having that capability will also help you set up service contracts. Incorporate this flexible and capable system in the assembly of your solution to offer visibility for further decision making that will support your customers’ productivity needs.


For integrators who provide process and system solutions, CADDIS Systems is a natural fit. We’ll work with you to tailor our device and software to suit your need, even across multiple platforms. CADDIS is a flexible system that is easy to incorporate into total solutions. Wi-Fi, cellular and ethernet connectivity are also all available.

Distributors / Resellers

The relationships that industrial distributors and resellers have with production-based customers is a very important one. We, too, value our relationships and are interested in supporting yours with reliable, intuitive and sophisticated solutions to machine and process monitoring.

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“The CADDIS device provided LeClaire Manufacturing with a powerful tool to not only increase productivity and revenue but also give us irrefutable data to help us better plan for the future.”

Ralph Zimmerman

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The market is embracing IoT solutions and there is growth in machine monitoring. CADDIS is an experienced and industry-focused innovator – developing this system as a solution to actual application challenges in die casting and machining.

Our expertise in software engineering allowed the creation of a robust but user-friendly interface with added benefits of being cloud based and free with device purchases. This keeps costs low for the customer and also ensures continuous updates without interruption. 

We’re ready to talk next level productivity when you are – please contact us to take the next step.

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