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CADDIS Announces New Referral Program

Ready to increase your profits?

Ready to enter Manufacturing 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing? 

Earn $1500 CADDIS CREDIT with our new Referral Program!

How It Works:

New Customers:  All new qualified* customers receive one free unit ($1,500 value!), for a limited time only.

Existing Customers:  For existing customers, or new customers that soon will become existing customers. Every qualified* referral you supply that accepts this limited time offer, the company you refer receives 1 no charge unit and your company receives 1 no charge unit too!

Annual Data fees of $200/unit apply at time of shipment. Caddis to confirm qualifications of referred and new customers, all rights retained to determine qualified versus unqualified on an account by account review. Data fee to charge at time of shipment. All no charge units must be installed on equipment within 30 days of receipt or the unit must be returned within 5 days at the receivers’ expense or will be charged full amount of unit.


Let’s enter together and help your supply base, friends, and customers do the same!

Contact Chris Moore for more information, or to apply to the Referral Program

OR, Request a Free Demo


Chris Moore, VP of Marketing
Caddis Systems | 563.551.6418 | Email Chris