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Christmas with CADDIS 2020

As the holidays approach many companies around the globe are slowing down production or come to a complete halt. Companies also have fewer employees on-site, as many choose to use the final days of their vacation to spend time with family, or travel to exotic places like Bettendorf, Iowa where CADDIS is based!


With fewer onsite personnel watching over operations, CADDIS’ remote monitoring capabilities can provide key company stakeholders with the peace of mind that their facility is still meeting scheduled or even non-scheduled runtime expectations as well as ensuring that machine health is being managed and maintained.


It’s important to remember that monitoring key machine failure indicators can mean the difference between ending 2020 on a positive note or stepping into 2021 with a possible workplace disaster. Please be aware that the following issues can lead to big problems and should be avoided at all costs.


1. Vibration increase or non-typical vibration.

2. Excessive component heating.

3. Excessive fluid temperature.

4. Rapid increase or decrease in the flow of such liquids as coolant or lubricating oil.

5. Rapid increase or decrease of key machine temperature parameters.


If you want to ensure your production environment has a healthy and happy 2021, reach out to CADDIS.  CADDIS monitoring systems make great stocking stuffers and are the perfect gift for that hard to buy for Plant Supervisor or Company President!