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Air Compressor Monitoring

Machine Efficiency: Air Compressor Monitoring

If you are interested in machine efficiency, then air compressor monitoring is for you. Having the capacity to consistently track your machine’s progress is an effective method to monitor machine health and analyze real-time data.

In fact, Caddis Systems provides the perfect peace of mind to those businesses that rely on air compressors to perform a critical function for their business. Additionally, Caddis has multiple inputs allowing it to automatically detect machine status. This ensures that all data is streamed via the dashboard and can be monitored with ease and convenience. 

Caddis SystemsWhen air compressors are not performing properly, they can clearly become huge energy wasters. This is why air compressor monitoring software has a major impact on the amount of energy used. Furthermore, using preventative machine maintenance often saves on unnecessary downtime. 

Additionally, temperature monitoring allows the user to control process parameters or monitor machine health while analog input is user-configurable. All the data is streamed to the user dashboard for monitoring, and multiple digital outputs allow for visual/audible alarms to be fired. When a temperature threshold or machine downtime is detected, the user is immediately notified via text or email in addition to the analog alarms.

Simple System Set-Up

The system can be set up in minutes:
• Power up the device
• Connect device to network
• Provide input signal
• Log into the dashboard
• Start monitoring facility

The cost to integrate Caddis Systems into your company is minimal when compared to the lost revenue due to machine shutdown.

Here is a cost breakdown:

Device Cost: $1,500 per device (one time)
Data Storage & R&D Cost: $200 (per year)

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