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How Can CADDIS Machine Monitoring Save Your Company A Lot Of Money? 




“How can CADDIS Machine Monitoring Save My Company A Lot Of Money”? 

My immediate response to a customer when this question comes up is…How can CADDIS NOT save you money? Below are some very defined and proven ways of how integrating CADDIS into your production environment will immediately not only save you money but also make you money. Ultimately, CADDIS is considered a cost-effective machine monitoring software.

Cost-Effective Machine Monitoring

Machine Utilization: tracking the overall machine utilization percentage on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis will ensure that this machine has minimal downtime and is being utilized to its fullest potential.


Capital Improvement Expenditures: having a clear view of your overall utilization and efficiency of your entire operation will enable you to be in a much better position to either approve or disapprove large capital expenditures. Regardless of the industry, machines are expensive, and knowing how utilized a machine is can be the deciding factor in deciding if another one is needed or not?


Predictive Maintenance: with the ability to track key predictive maintenance indicators such as runtime, cycles, temperature, and vibration, companies are taking a proactive approach versus a reactive approach. CADDIS allows users to create maintenance schedules based on the key predictive maintenance indicators and then assign these tasks to those responsible. Over time large amounts of money can be saved because machines are serviced and maintained based on the key predictive indicators and not only when they either break down or it’s marked on a calendar, regardless of the machine even ran. Maintenance is critical to a company’s profitability, but over-maintenance can also be wasteful.


Accountability & Safety

Accountability: many of our CADDIS customers are very lucky to have such a dedicated and loyal workforce. However, there are those employees that may take a bit longer break, continuously have a late shift start, or just not properly maintain their equipment. CADDIS allows supervisors to better manage their team and also recognizes those employees that continuously meet or exceed their goals. CADDIS does promote accountability, but it also is a tool that gives the employee the motivation they sometimes need to hit their goals. In the end, the more employees that take accountability for their work the more revenue a business will generate.

Safety: now includes the need for social distancing, and pay closer attention to washing hands, facility cleaning, and sanitizing touchpoints in your factory, plant, warehouse, etc. How this relates to machine monitoring may sound complex but is actually very straightforward. The fewer employees your business has in a specific area means a lower chance of transmitting an illness. A way that many companies are adapting to this is by integrating a machine monitoring system that allows their employees to monitor operations remotely. While operators and shop floor personal are still needed on a day-to-day basis at their facility.


Many other employees such as the executive team, sales, marketing, scheduling, and IT can work either entirely remote or on a flex schedule that requires less time in an enclosed workspace with others. Machine monitoring gives these departments a visual overview of their entire operation. They will have remote access to all the data they need to effectively manage their responsibilities and monitor the job performance of the company, department, and individuals. Essentially, if you are interested in cost-effective machine monitoring, contact CADDIS Systems today. Call Us Today to increase machine efficiency and machine productivity.


Why Is Machine Monitoring Important For Your Company to Be Successful


In the last few years, machine monitoring has gone from “Something Nice To Do” to “Something We Must Do”. The reason behind this transition is simply because succeeding in business has become increasingly competitive due to overseas competition and customers expecting high quality at a lower cost.

machine monitoring system

Luckily, Caddis Systems has developed a cost-effective machine monitoring system that is easy to integrate into your production environment and provides you with a visually intuitive dashboard that is viewable on any device. Our customers continuously provide us with feedback on how they use Caddis and the positive results they are now seeing as a result of integrating Caddis into their production environment.


Below is a short summary of why machine monitoring is important to the success of our customers.

Machine Utilization: This is extremely important when it comes to capital expenditures. We hear from many customers that in the past if they were told they needed a new machine to keep up with production, they simply took this as fact and spent the money. The reality is that in many cases, the solution was not to spend $250-$500k on a new CNC but to better schedule the current machines they have. The only way supervisors and decision-makers were able to overcome excess spending on high dollar items was to clearly see the utilization data Caddis provides and then make purchasing decisions based on factual data rather than best guesses.

Predictive Maintenance: No one likes to be the messenger when it comes to telling their boss that their machine is down. In the past handwritten notes on maintenance actions probably kind of work but it’s easy to forget maintenance when production is speeding along and delivery schedules need to be met to keep the customers happy. Unfortunately not maintaining a machine on a regular schedule or not noticing clear signs of machine wear can cause costly results. Caddis has Predictive Maintenance capabilities that allow a user to enter in a schedule and then get reminders when machines are due for service.

In addition, a user can track cycle runtime and downtime. So over time, a user will see that a machine typically experiences some sort of failure at a specific point of time. Another nice aspect of the Caddis Predictive Maintenance capabilities is tracking such signs of breakdown such as vibration, psi, and fluid, stack, or ambient temperature. By setting up certain excessive thresholds within Caddis, the user is alerted by text, email, or audio/visual alarm on the shop floor that a machine is showing signs of failure and address the issue immediately.

Shift Accountability: In an ideal world every shift would perform at the same level of efficiency. However, we don’t live in an ideal world so we must adapt to overcoming shortcomings in shift efficiency. While some customers had initial concerns about Caddis being a “big brother” tool that would upset their employees, it was quickly realized that Caddis not only held people accountable to on-time starts and OEE. Caddis also gave operators and supervisors more control over their success. Now they are made aware of potential machine issues and they can schedule their department, cell, or machine in a way to become much more efficient than they were able to previously.

Caddis has also brought about some friendly competition between departments and shifts. By meeting or exceeding efficiency expectations, employees and owners are now enjoying the increased profits which lead to overall not only a more stress-free and stable work environment but also an increase in salaries, bonuses, profit sharing, etc.

If you are ready to increase the success of your business, please reach out to us and request a demo to learn how Caddis Systems can help you be a leader in your industry.