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Remote Facility and Warehouse Monitoring


If you need to monitor the HVAC systems, boilers, air compressors, and any other piece of equipment at large warehouses or storage facilities, Caddis is the perfect machine monitoring system. Caddis connects directly to these machines to allow you a view of one facility or an entire network of facilities. You will have real-time data displayed in an intuitive dashboard that indicates if your machines are fully functioning and what the temperature is at each location.


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If a machine shuts down or violates a pre-set threshold, you will immediately be notified by text or email. There are also multiple digital outputs that allow for visual/audible alarms to be fired when thresholds are exceeded for those facilities that may have staff on-site.


Take advantage of trialing Caddis Systems at your location or multiple locations for one month at no cost. During the trial phase, you will receive all the support you need to fully integrate Caddis into your environment and feel confident that your assets are protected.

The system can be set up in minutes:

  • Power up device
  • Connect device to network
  • Provide input signal
  • Log into dashboard
  • Start monitoring facility


The cost to integrate Caddis Systems into your company is minimal when compared to the lost revenue due to machine shutdown. Below is a cost breakdown.

Device Cost: $1,500 per device (one time)

Data Storage & R&D Cost: $200 (per year)