6. Company Overview

After logging into app.lcm2m.com, the view you will be presented with is the company overview.

Figure 6.1 – Company Overview

This is the top-level view for the entire organization. Depending on how the company tree is configured, at this level you might see things like departments, facilities and workcells represented by the circular indicators at the bottom. The view is designed to provide quick, high-level insight into how the organization is running as a whole, and how each top level group is doing. From here you can drill down into the areas of interest to analyze how the different parts of your organization are performing.

6.1 Overall Utilization

In the top right-hand corner of the company overview, there is a Current Overall Utilization percentage and status bar, showing the combined score for the entire organization.

Figure 6.1.1 – Current Overall Utilization

The color coding on this display is the same throughout the web interface.

Color Utilization Threshold
Red < 34%
Blue ≥ 34% and < 67%
Green ≥ 67%

A Note About Overall Utilization: The overall utilization is calculated based on time scheduled versus time run. The schedule can vary at different levels of the company tree, and utilization can be calculated for just a piece of equipment, or combined for a group that holds the equipment. For detailed information about how the combined utilization value is calculated, see the info-graphic here.

6.2 Utilization Tab

The Utilization tab displays a bar chart of how utilization has been trending over time. Using the time filters it may be possible to identify trends based on the day of the week, a certain week each month, or to see if initiatives to maximize equipment capacity are having an impact. The slice of time each bar represents depends on what the time filter is set to. The following table shows what increments apply to certain time filters.

Filter Setting Bar Time Increment
*h (Any hour filter) 15 minutes
1d (1 day) or 2d (2 days) 1 hour
3d (3 days) through 6d (6 days) 1 day
1w (1 week) through 4w (4 weeks) 1 day
6w (6 weeks) 1 week
*m (Any month filter) 1 week

6.3 Equipment Tab

The Equipment tab displays a general information table about each piece of equipment, starting from the level you are at and down the company tree hierarchy.

Figure 6.3.1 – Equipment Tab

The table columns and their meanings are listed below.

Column Meaning
Status Whether a machine is running or down: = Down, = Running, = Offline, = No Device
Machine Name of the equipment set when the piece of equipment was created in the system.
Tag(s) Data currently being collected can have text tags associated with it. They are displayed here.
Latest temp The last temperature data point that was recorded for the equipment.
Latest cycle A timestamp showing when the last cycle occurred.
Util % The current utilization percentage for the equipment. This value varies based on what time filter is set.

There are also two buttons in the table.

  • Show chart opens an inline chart directly below the equipment entry in the table. This chart shows trend lines for cycle time and temperature.
    The time scale on this chart depends on the time filter that is set. Once clicked, the button changes color from blue to red and the text changes to Hide chart.
  • Show detail links to the equipment detail view.

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