Once logged in, the navigation bar is at the top of the page. This bar allows you to navigate back to the main page easily and access personal and company-wide settings.

Figure 2.1 – Navigation Bar

Clicking the company logo on the left will take you back to the top level of the organizational structure, no matter where you are in the navigation tree. This provides a consistent place to return to while using the web interface.

2.1 Company Settings

Clicking on the gears icon in the navigation bar will open your company’s settings in the left sidebar. This is separate from your individual user settings. Company settings will effect all users and equipment within an organization.

Figure 2.1.1 – Navigation Bar Company Settings Button

Company settings that are covered in detail in section 10.

2.2 User Options

At the far right of the navigation bar is a drop down containing user options.

Figure 2.2.1 – Navigation Bar User Options Drop Down

There are two options in the drop down.

  1. Settings
  2. Logout
Figure 2.2.2 – User Options

Clicking on Settings will take you into the personal settings described in section 10. Clicking on Logout will log the current user out of the web interface. The user will then have to log back in as described in section 1.

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